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The Lowest price of Zircon Stone in Pakistan is Rs.89 and estimated average price is Rs.1,100.


Real zircons are natural occurring semi-precious gemstones that are rare and expensive. They are dazzling in appearance than their manmade lookalikes called cubic zirconia. Interestingly, both zircon and cubic zirconia look exactly like diamonds and can only be distinguished by experts. It is this similarity to diamonds that makes zircons popular in making jewellery and ornaments. Check zircon stone prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


The main difference between a diamond and a zircon is its ability to double refract light. It is a low-cost alternative to diamonds and can be worn in jewellery, hair ornaments and is also studded on formal party wear clothing and handbags. 

Zircon Stone Benefits

1. The stone is said to bring mental and physical strength to its owner. 

2. It also has spiritual benefits as experts believe it has the power of making one's dreams come true. 

3. Zircon creates a balance in the wearer's physical, spiritual and emotional aura.

4. Wearing a zircon stone ring can bring prosperity and happiness to the wearer. 

5. White zircon is said to relieve bodily ailments such as diabetes and insulin resistance.

6. People born in December are ideal candidates for wearing zircon stone jewellery or ornaments.

The dazzling zircon stone occurs in yellow, green, reddish-brown, blue, purple and pink colours. It is heated to intensify its colour or to make it appear colourless. 

Price List

Model Price
Single Zircon Stone Pendant Rs. 1,400
Back to listings Handmade 925k Sterling Silver Br… Rs. 1,350
Premium Quality BLACK Silver Stainless Zircon Sto… Rs. 159
beautifull zircon stone finger ring for girls d4 Rs. 297
Zircon Stone Cufflinks for Men Rs. 1,499
White & Golden Zircon Stone Ring Rs. 990
Finger ring Zarcon gold plated move stone fashion… Rs. 930
Golden Zircon Stone Ring for Women Rs. 1,050
Gold Plated Silver Ring with Little Zircon Stone Rs. 1,200
Silver Color Hoop Earrings Round-Shape with Color… Rs. 450
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