Yamni Aqeeq Stone Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Yamni Aqeeq Stone in Pakistan is Rs.1,400 and estimated average price is Rs.3,750.


Red Liver Agate stone or Yamni Aqeeq is a highly sought after variant of aqeeq stone that is found in Yemen. It is a red coloured precious stone that holds a strong religious value and is popular amongst the Pakistani masses. Men like to wear Yamni aqeeq stone rings set in pure silver or platinum and women wear these precious gems in rings, earrings and pendants. Check Yemni aqeeq stone prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for the benefits of wearing this precious stone.


Yamni Aqeeq Stone Benefits

1. The stone is said to bring tranquillity, calmness and financial stability to wearers.

2. It guards against calamities, jealousy, rivalry, and the evil eye.

3. Yamni aqeeq brings clarity and clear vision to the wearer.

4. It is known to cure insomnia and sleep disturbances and helps get rid of nightmares.

5. The stone helps bolster confidence and enhance immunity. 

6. Eliminates anger and balances one's temperament. 

Buy Yamni aqeeq stone rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelet and other jewellery on our website. The black variant of yamni aqeeq is called the Sulemani Aqeeq is amongst the most expensive variants of the gemstone.

Price List

Model Price
Dark Brown Yemeni Agate (Aqeeq) Gemstone , Yamni … Rs. 1,400
Silver Ring with Yemeni Aqeeq Mens Ring Yamni Aq… Rs. 3,900
Natural Yemeni Aqeeq Ring , Brown Agate Stone Rin… Rs. 3,800
Handmade Ring With Yemeni Aqeeq Stone ,Yamni Aqee… Rs. 5,000
Natural Brown Aqeeq Ring , Square Cut Yemeni Aqee… Rs. 4,000
Men's Ring With Yemeni Aqeeq , Yemeni Agate Stone… Rs. 5,000
Zk Gemstone Yamni Aqeeq Natural Stone For Men Rs. 1,800
Rathore Gems Yamni Aqeeq Stone Rs. 1,600
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