Yamaha Amplifier Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Yamaha Amplifier in Pakistan is Rs.38,999 and estimated average price is Rs.136,156.


A brand that produces great quality audio equipment, including amplifiers. Yamaha has maintained a good reputation in the amplifier market over the decades. They have enough variety to choose from, the differences are mostly in the power ratings of the amplifiers. Yamaha amplifiers are available for a high-end price given the brand is one of the market leaders.


Yamaha Corporation

A brand known all over the world for its electronic and mechanical products as well. There are few brands that are doing well in both categories.

Yamaha is based in Japan and produces a lot of high-end audio equipment as well. The range also includes speakers and amplifiers of many different kinds. Yamaha amplifiers are some of the best and the industry-standard in many fields of the audio business.

Yamaha amplifiers

With many different models in their catalogue, Yamaha caters to all kinds of needs. Their ranges have simpler iterations that cost a little less, to more powerful amplifiers. The power ratings vary as do the number of inputs and outputs. Yamaha also has a range of amplifiers that are designed specifically for cars. These are more compact so they can fit ina car without being in the way. These are also made inside a large heat-sink-like body so they can easily dissipate heat in a space that is not ventilated and is small.

Yamaha amplifiers are stand-alone units that are at the centre of an audio system, such as a home sound system. They come with various power ratings that let one know how much power they can put out, generally the higher the rating the more power it can put out. Meaning it can make things louder. 

The ones that are for home audio have multiple sound options, for instance, a mode for movies or a different one for listening to music. They also have EQing options in case one wants to manually change how the audio sounds.


The prices of Yamaha amplifiers vary, mostly depending on how powerful each specific one is. As Yamaha is one of the top brands producing amplifiers, the prices are premium.

Price List

Model Price
Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2-channel 80 Watt AV receiver Amp… Rs. 184,999
Yamaha Power Amplifier (PX10) Rs. 110,499
Yamaha R-N602 Network Hi-Fi Receiver Rs. 164,999
Yamaha RX-V683 Audio/Video Receiver - Titanium Rs. 201,099
Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier Rs. 149,999
Yamaha R-N402 MusicCast Hi-Fi Network Receiver Rs. 139,999
Yamaha WXA-50 Amplifier MusicCast Wireless Stream… Rs. 139,999
Yamaha T-S500 Tuner Rs. 38,999
Yamaha A-S301 Integrated Amplifier Rs. 59,999
Yamaha Power Amplifier (PX8) Rs. 98,499
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