Xpert Glass Hob Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Xpert Glass Hob in Pakistan is Rs.26,899 and estimated average price is Rs.42,199.


A need for cooking, hobs come in different materials and sizes. The Xpert Glass Hobs have various arrangements of burners, one can choose based on their space and needs.


Made from tempered glass the Xpert Glass Hobs are easy to clean and come with a slick design. The trivets are cast iron, making them sturdy and easy to clean as well.

One can choose different Xpert Glass Hobs, based on what their needs are. The sizes vary and the number of burners does as well. Some have just two, others up to five. If you generally need to cook for more people or have a larger kitchen more burners are useful. In case you have a very small kitchen or have a space that is seldom used, there is also a hob with just one burner.

The ignition systems are auto, so one does not need matches or a lighter, just a battery that gets fixed under. This makes it safer to light fires.

All the burners on the Xpert Glass Hobs have knobs that allow you to control the flame level. This lets you get the required amount of heat for whatever you are cooking.

Price List

Model Price
Xpert Glass Gas Hob (XGT-5N) Rs. 26,899
Xpert Steel Gas Hob (XST-3-12) Rs. 32,499
Xpert Steel Gas Hob (XST-5-SB) Rs. 42,899
Xpert Appliances XGT-3-717 Built-in Glass HOB Rs. 52,000
Xpert Steel Gas Hob (XST-5-F) Rs. 48,599
Xpert Steel Gas Hob (XST-2) Rs. 29,499
Xpert Appliances Glass Hob XGT-3(617)-Full-Brass Rs. 63,000
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