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Xiaomi Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Xiaomi Smart Watch in Pakistan is Rs.484 and estimated average price is Rs.6,528.


One of the largest smartphone producers in the world, Xiaomi also has a host of other gadgets. Among this collection, one can also find smartwatches of various kinds and styles. There are multiple possible options, this lets one really pick the specific model they like or the budget they want to spend. With Xiaomi, one has the option to pick something modern or something that still looks more like a watch than a smartwatch specifically. A winning aspect of Xiaomi is the affordable prices with a high level of quality within such ranges, making their smartwatches high in value.


Among the top brands that produce smartphones, wearables and accessories one finds Xiaomi. The large catalogue also includes smartwatches. There are a lot of options so one can choose something that they specifically like or something that fits their budget well too. Xiaomi also backs brands such as Haylou, IMILAB and Amazfit; which is why these brands are also sold on the Mi Store and show up online with Xiaomi in their titles.

The basic functions of smartwatches are all present in this line of devices, this includes trackers and the ability to see notifications, messages and calls. This lets one screen their smartphone usage a lot more easily, without having to take out their device from their pocket or bag. One can also use their Xiaomi smartwatch to change the song or trigger their camera.

The various Xiaomi smartwatches

The Mi line has a quartz watch that is the simplest, this would not count as a smartwatch but can be used to set up notifications for 10 contacts that as important and you want to pick their calls. It has a watch movement with quartz and watch arms like traditional watches.

Mi has a bunch of other options that are full smartwatches, this includes the lines Mibro & Mi Watch. The Mibro line is a lighter version, with a lower price tag as well. The features in Mibro smartwatches include sports and activity trackers. This includes modes to keep track of running, swimming, cycling, tennis, football, yoga, and more. The other trackers can keep an eye on heart rate and sleep. This is helpful for overall wellbeing to be kept in check. Another version of the Mibro also lets one monitor their SPO2 levels.

The Mibro watches are waterproof for shallow activities such as swimming, these smartwatches cannot be used for diving. The batteries last long so one has days of usage before they need to recharge. One can choose the watch face they like from a lot of different options.

The Mi Watch line on the other hand is a bit more ornate in function and looks as well. The biggest difference is in how many activities they can track, there are over a hundred while with the Mibro line it is a dozen or more. With Mi Watches the battery life is also longer with around 2 weeks of usage time depending on the model. One has oxygen saturation, heart and sleep tracking as well.

The GPS chips used for Mi Watches are of a higher grade so the positional data is a lot more precise. The level of waterproofing is also higher, with some options that can be at 50meters deep for 10 minutes. An altimeter is also featured depending on the model.


All the Xiaomi Mi smartwatches feature reminders for movement if one wants, have the find my phone feature and also have the always-on display. Smartwatches are also especially useful for elder people, being able to track one's heart and such readings makes it a lot easier to be aware and mindful of their health.

The price of Xiaomi smartwatches is in an affordable range, especially when compared to Samsung or Apple.

Price List

Model Price
20mm Genuine Leather Plus Canvas Strap Watchband … Rs. 2,999
Mi Band 6 Global Smart Band / Original Mi Band 6 … Rs. 5,899
Haylou RT LS05s Smart Watch | Global Edition | Xi… Rs. 7,099
【Miga Plaza】 Mi Band 5 Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 5… Rs. 1,049
20mm Stailess Steel Chain Strap Watchband For Xia… Rs. 2,499
Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Smart Sports Band 1.62" AMOLED /… Rs. 9,999
【Miga Plaza】 Colourful Nylon loop replaceable Bra… Rs. 1,377
LOPBEN 20mm Unicolor Silicone Strap For Xiaomi … Rs. 1,080
Mi Band 5 Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 5 NFC Global V… Rs. 3,784
【Miga Plaza】 Mi Band 5 Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 5… Rs. 3,458
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