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Wooden Pen Holder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Wooden Pen Holder in Pakistan is Rs.399 and estimated average price is Rs.1,257.


A simple and effective way to keep your pens stored. Wooden pen holders come in different designs and sizes; one can choose based on their needs and the design they like. The price of wooden pen holders is in the affordable ranges.


Wooden pen holder

An easy way to keep your pens organised is to have a pen holder placed on your desk. A pen holder can be made from many different materials, including wood. Wooden pen holders are available in various shapes.

The designs vary some are just simple cylindrical shapes, while others have multiple compartments and other features such as an inset watch or calendar. The sizes vary, some can hold a few pens and others have space for a lot more.

Some are made with carved patterns on the outside or metal leaf inlays for beautification.


Wooden pen holders are available for nominal prices and are useful items to have around the office or study. This holds true especially since pens are easily misplaced; with a pen holder, you'd know where your pens are to be stored and retrieved from.

One can choose the apt one for their space based on how many pens need to be stored and the design they prefer.

Price List

Model Price
Wooden Pen Holder Rs. 449
Gift for Father's day or Father Birthday wooden P… Rs. 795
Pen Holder - Wooden Material - With Message - Sco… Rs. 799
Wooden Pen with Box and Holder - OS 2012 Rs. 849
Pen Holder - Wooden Material - With Message - Yes… Rs. 799
Pen Holder - Wooden Engrave Your Picture Name & … Rs. 399
multifunctional Wooden Desktop Organizer Storage … Rs. 1,170
8035 - Wooden Pen Stand Holder Stationery Organiz… Rs. 1,371
8005-Wooden Revolving Pen Stand, Stationery Holde… Rs. 800
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