Wireless Hdmi Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Wireless Hdmi in Pakistan is Rs.1,650 and estimated average price is Rs.22,949.


Wireless HDMI devices allow one to connect to their TV or projector without the hassle of a wire. The range is limited, but ample for most spaces indoors. The prices of wireless HDMI devices varies, depending on the brand you have in mind. Generally, though they are from an affordable price range.


Wireless HDMI

Any device that can connect one's laptops and smartphones to the TV or projector without any wires is a Wireless HDMI. The known ones that come to mind include Google Chromecast and AnyCast. The latter is quite a bit cheaper than the Chromecast.

These devices allow you to mirror your screen and make it convenient as the HDMI cable is not needed. It kind of converts one's TV into a SmartTV, with the browsing and all controlled from the laptop or smartphone.


The prices of wireless HDMI devices varies, aside from the two options mentioned there are a few more. One can choose the wireless HDMI device within their budget, generally, they are relatively inexpensive as it is a dying breed with the advent of SmartTVs and their becoming more common.

Price List

Model Price
Edifier B8 Home Theater Professional Multifuncati… Rs. 66,000
Mirascreen G9 Plus 2.4g 1080p Wireless HDMI Wifi … Rs. 3,599
Chromecast Hdmi Wireless Dongle support GoogleHOME Rs. 1,650
M9 Plus Cast HDMI WiFi Dongle - 1080P | Wifi Dong… Rs. 1,650
Ugreen HDMI Display Receiver Wireless Rs. 7,999
M2 Plus Cast HDMI WiFi Dongle - 1080P | Wifi Dong… Rs. 2,550
Belkin 4-Way HDMI Switch with Wireless Remote Rs. 12,399
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