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The Lowest price of Wireless Earphones in Pakistan is Rs.341 and estimated average price is Rs.21,383.


Wireless earphones are becoming increasingly popular for their mess-free handling and easy storage and portability. They are small devices without wires and can be worn in the ear and used for listening to music, taking calls etc. Alternate names include wireless earbuds or handsfree and they are manufactured by multiple companies in the world. If you are looking to buy them online, check out wireless earphone prices in Pakistan and read on for more.


Leading Wireless Earphone Brands in Pakistan

Our page houses top-notch wireless earphones by some of the leading manufacturers in the world. They are immensely popular in Pakistan too and include big names such as Skullcandy, Samsung, Sennheiser, Sony, Klipsch, Apple, Beats, AKG, JBL, Bose etc. Their prices depend on the type, quality and brand but if you are looking for a cheaper variety, you can opt for the unbranded Chinese made wireless earphones that last a good while and don't cost much either. 

Wired vs Wireless Earphones

Earphones can be wired, wireless or Bluetooth enabled that can be paired with your smartphones using Bluetooth connection. The wired variety is somewhat fragile and in some cases quite inconvenient as it comes with the hassles of wires and clutter. The wiring inside the wired earbuds is so fragile that even a light jerk or pull can damage the whole set so one needs to be really careful with them.

The Bluetooth earpieces come in pairs and in some cases they can also be bought solo. They are easy to use and mess-free but come with the hassles of charging. Majority of the wireless earphones come with an attached mic for taking calls and recording voice but some may only be for listening to music and not feature a mic at all.

Wireless Earphones for Smartphones

Multiple smartphone manufacturers produce their own set of compatible wired or wireless earbuds with every model of smartphone. Most high-end smartphones these days are coming without an earphone jack, making it impossible to attach your wired earbuds, unless you have the right connectors and extenders etc. That is where your wireless earbuds come in handy and this is the reason for their increasing popularity in the tech world. Wireless earphones for iPhone are called AirPods while their wired counterparts are called EarPods and both are priced higher than the rival brands. 


While it is always exhilarating to listen to your favourite music at full blast on your earpieces, this can result in permanent hearing loss and damage to the eardrum, auditory canal and nerves. Using earbuds at loud volumes can also cause a medical condition called tinnitus where a person hears a constant ringing noise due to ear damage. It is important that whichever brand of earphones you choose, you use them wisely and with responsibility. 

Price List

Model Price
Sony WH-XB700 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Rs. 19,799
SONY WH-XB700 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Rs. 21,999
Soundcore life Q30 wireless headphone Rs. 22,999
A4Tech - Bloody M30 True Wireless Earphones - Blu… Rs. 7,500
EDIFIER TWS1 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone… Rs. 7,800
Bluetooth Wireless Earphone HBQ i7 Rs. 468
Bluetooth Wireless Earphone I7 Rs. 500
Bloody M30 - True Wireless Earbphones - Bluetooth… Rs. 7,425
JBL TUNE 205BT Wireless Earphones JBL Black Rs. 6,500
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