White Gold Ring Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of White Gold Ring in Pakistan is Rs.179 and estimated average price is Rs.3,573.


White gold is a precious metal that is an alloy of gold, it is often used to make jewellery, including rings. There are an endless number of designs one can find in white gold rings. The price is high and could be higher depending on the quality of white gold used, and or if the ring ahs a stone set into it or not.


White Gold Ring

One can find many rings made from white gold. There are plain bands, carved bands, rings set with stone and a plethora of other possible options.

What is white gold

An alloy consisting of gold that has at least one white metal such as nickel, silver or palladium. Like all other iterations of gold, the purity is stated in karats.

The term white gold is used quite loosely in the industry to label any karat gold that has a whiteish hue. The qualities vary depending on the metals used and their proportions in the mix. White gold that has nickel makes for a stronger alloy, which makes it a good choice for rings and pins. Palladium infused alloys are softer and are good for gemstone setting. At times other metals such as silver, copper and platinum are added for weight and durability. In the jewellery industry, the mixes are often gold-palladium–silver and gold–nickel–copper-zinc.

Colour hints and comments

The 'white' in the term covers a few more hues that overlap as well, including pale yellow, tinted brown and a very pale rose too. The use of nickel can cause allergic reactions for the wearer, especially if worn for longer periods. Resulting in a minor skin rash.

White gold is classified as a precious metal and is, therefore, rings made from it are expensive. The prices of a white gold ring would vary depending on quantity, what specific mix it is and if it ahs any precious or smei-precious stone set into it. Certain brands may also cost more than others due to craftsmanship. 

Price List

Model Price
Trendy Jewelry Rings For Women Cubic Zirconia Charms Bridal… Rs. 179
White Gold Plated Platinum Diamond Ring Rs. 799
Real 2 Karat Gold Nose Ring with Small (white) Stone For Wo… Rs. 650
Men's Golden White Stainless Steel Ring Rs. 600
Diamond Style Beautiful 18k White Gold Plated Ring With Swa… Rs. 999
White Latest Fashion Ear Ring Rs. 249
White Pearl Open Ring For Women Rs. 200
Gold Engagement White Gold Plated Crystal Proposal Couple R… Rs. 279
White Gold Plated Platinum Diamond Ring, Rings For Girls , … Rs. 799
Diamond Couple White Gold Ring Rs. 1,499
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