Westpoint Microwave Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Westpoint Microwave in Pakistan is Rs.12,569 and estimated average price is Rs.18,523.


The fast and effective technology of Convection is an essential feature of the Westpoint Microwave.


There are two kinds of Deluxe Microwave Oven models one with only Rotisserie and the other with an added Grill feature. The 5 cooking settings will allow a variety of foods to be prepared from vegetables to meat. There is a 35 min controlled timer to help monitor cooking times. The easy to use pull door has a higher quality handle. This is a stylish microwave design that will be a great added device to your kitchen. The defrost setting is effective and can help reduce cooking time for preparing beef, fish and chicken. With the defrost, it is simple to prepare frozen snacks such as fries, samosas and sausages. There is a clear indicator system to warn users of overheating. The Deluxe Convection Oven comes in two kinds of models one is Rotisserie and includes a Kebab Grill. The oven is compact and easy to store in a small kitchen. It will be able to prepare a whole chicken and but up both style chicken pieces in a skewer grill. 

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint Microwave - 823M Rs. 14,999
Westpoint Microwave Oven 28Ltr (WF-830) Rs. 17,385
Westpoint Microwave Oven 20Ltr (WF-827) Rs. 17,325
Westpoint Microwave Oven WF-827 - 25 LTR Rs. 14,899
Westpoint Microwave Oven 20Ltr (WF-822) Rs. 14,155
Westpoint Microwave - 826-Dg Rs. 16,599
Westpoint Microwave Oven 20Ltr (WF-823) Rs. 15,645
Westpoint Microwave Oven With Grill 40Ltr (WF-841) Rs. 21,660
Westpoint Microwave Oven WF-825 MG Rs. 13,099
Westpoint WF-825 MG Microwave Oven Rs. 14,359
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