Westpoint Meat Mincer Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Westpoint Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs.9,699 and estimated average price is Rs.13,094.


There are manual and electric Westpoint Meat Mincer models that offer various tools and heads to assist in meal preparation. The freshness of meat ground at home can help ensure better taste and hygiene while cooking curries, kebabs and burgers.


The Westpoint Meat Grinder is built with 4 stainless steel disk system that will smoothly and conveniently mice beef and chicken through a pressure system that evenly ejects the minced meat through an Even Flow Metal Tube. The machine is made with high tempered stainless steel that is rust free and highly durable. 

The additional tool heads and accessories help with getting the perfect ground to make burger patties, Pakistani style keema and kebabs or sausages. There is a standard On/Off switch in the electric Westpoint meat grinders with a handy Reverse Function for precise mincing or to clear any jamming. The design is clutter-free with a small power chord and compact slim body.

The meat grinder is easy to clean simply rinse and dry. These meat grinders are designed with safety locks to prevent any injuries to the hands or fingers. The rubber layer on the bottom of the machine is to help secure its position on the kitchen counter. The electric motor is available in up to 1500 Watts that can rapidly mince tough meats in minutes. There are manual West Point Meat Mincer models that use the push and crank mechanism like traditional older models. These are cheaper in comparison to the electric counterparts but are effective in grinding beef.

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint Meat Mincer Red (WF-3260) Rs. 9,699
Westpoint WF-3050 Meat Mincer Rs. 14,549
Westpoint WP-3050 Meat Mincer & Vegetable Cutter Rs. 13,719
Westpoint Meat Mincer & Vegetable Cutter Black (W… Rs. 14,250
WestPoint Meat Mincer WF-3250 R Rs. 13,068
West Point Wf-3250 Meat Mincer Rs. 13,798
WestPoint WF-3250 Meat mincer Rs. 13,579
Westpoint Meat Mincer (1045). Rs. 10,999
Westpoint Meat Mincer & Vegetable Cutter WF-3050 Rs. 14,120
Westpoint Meat Mincer Black (WF-3250) Rs. 14,700
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