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The Lowest price of Weight Machine in Pakistan is Rs.95 and estimated average price is Rs.2,324.


For decades the analog weight machine price in Pakistan has been affordable making it an essential home appliance. It does not use any batteries making it super low maintenance as it uses a non-electrical system to weigh the body and objects. It is a long term investment that is used by everyone in the household, to weigh luggage and packages from the comfort of your home.



Having a weight machine at home can be useful in weight loss as fitness conscious people want to weigh themselves regularly to track their progress. When travelling many transportation services have regulation for how much weight is permissible on the train or flight. By using a weight machine it is easy to make sure that you are eligible to travel avoiding any excess baggage fine or extra payment. The reading can be inaccurate by a few pounds as compared to the digital weight machine that is precise.


The dial placed on the top half part of the weight machine as you stand on the flat small platform or place the object on top of the machine to move the needle that starts at zero. These analog weighing scales have various maximum weighing capacities starting from 100 kg, 120 kg to 150 kg.

Price List

Model Price
Beurer Bathroom Weight Machine Scale, PS-240 Rs. 6,000
Beurer Mechanical Bathroom Scale, Weight Machine,… Rs. 3,750
Sanford Electronic Kitchen Weight Scale Machine, … Rs. 4,250
Beurer Wellbeing LCD Display Kitchen Scale, Weigh… Rs. 4,800
Beurer Bathroom Scale, Weight Machine, PS-160 Rs. 4,500
Beurer Breakfast LCD Display Kitchen Weight Scale… Rs. 4,800
Camry Personal Weight Scale Analog Body Weight Ma… Rs. 4,850
Tempered Glass Electronic Digital Body Weight Sca… Rs. 1,899
Camry BR-9709 Weight Machine Personal Weight Scal… Rs. 1,950
Tefal Digital Body Weight Glass Scale - Weight Ma… Rs. 6,000
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