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The Lowest price of Webcams in Pakistan is Rs.270 and estimated average price is Rs.13,678.


Most laptops today have built-in webcams, but in case one doesn't or you have a PC an external webcam can add more functionality to your computer. Aside from the basic uses of videocalls they can be used in other manners too. For the price, they are relatively good quality cameras.


Functionality and uses

Typically a small camera perched on a table or clipped onto any available stable object webcams are useful little devices when it comes to video calls or taking pictures. Due to the fact that they were used regularly for video chat they have built-in mics so you can talk directly at it. A lot of airports and security offices use them to take images of people as they pass security desks, the small size, fast action and ability to control them from a software on the computer make it efficient with larger numbers of people. 

Gesture control and other uses

People also use them as a means to keep an eye on a space akin to a security camera. Some softwares can also be controlled through gestures where the webcam acts like an eye, allowing the user to interact with games. They are also used to stream on platforms like YouTube due to which there are models that have mini ring-lights built around the camera so one's lightings needs are also met. 

Video quality and build

Webcams have come a long way from the basic camera they used to house and are now able to stream in high definition or even 4K video. There are many different levels of video quality, depending on the price. Most if not all cheap webcams come with built-in ASIC to do video compression in real-time and are usually connected through a USB cable to the computer. Webcams have good quality despite their low manufacturing cost.

Caution and brands

Due to security risks regarding hacking it is recommended that one disconnect their webcam or cover it when not in use as no one would want to be spied on. Made by multiple brands and available in many different shapes colours and designs webcams can be bought at relatively low prices for the work they do. Some of the well-known brands are A4Tech, Microsoft, Logitech and Razer.

Price List

Model Price
A4TECH PK-930HA FHD 1080P AF Webcam Rs. 6,599
A4TECH PK-910P 720p HD Webcam Rs. 4,499
Feeltek Elec HD Webcam, 1080p, WCAF75ELA21F Rs. 12,500
A4-TECH PK-910H WEBCAM 1080P FULL-HD Rs. 6,450
A4Tech HD WebCam (PK-910P) - ( NKS ) Rs. 13,997
FANTECH LUMINOUS C30 2K (2560 x 1440) Quad High D… Rs. 8,069
Webcam Black Cover for Laptop Cell Phone Pack of … Rs. 270
A4Tech PK-935HL Webcam- Full HD 1080p -Manual Foc… Rs. 6,162
Logitech C920 Pro HD Webcam 1080p Rs. 21,799
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