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The Lowest price of Wax Beans in Pakistan is Rs.229 and estimated average price is Rs.898.


Hair removal using liquid wax can be messy and hard to manage at home this is why the popularity of using wax beans has increased over the years. By simply adding wax beans to your wax heater the process can be transformed into an easy one-step procedure saving you time and money.


Using wax beans with a heater instead of strips of cold wax or cloth strips and liquid hot wax can reduce any unwanted burns, scars and tear of the skin. Wax beans make it easy to control the amount of wax needed to remove hair. Easy to handle and no mess it is the ideal companion for girls and ladies who want to be able to remove body hair from the comfort of their homes. There are available in a variety of packaging including small pouch sizes to large containers that are easy to store. 


Once the wax beans have melted into the container simply pick up with your finger and apply 2 to 4 inches long layer on the skin and wait a few seconds for it to set. The wax can be stripped off with your finger and easily peeled off leaving no sticky residue behind. Remove the need for cloth strips, wooden sticks or knife applicators and simply heat the wax beans and use your finger. The precise application makes it easy to remove hair from touch to reach places on the body. The freedom to move the wax in any direction when applying and peeling off makes sure the hair is not broken reducing ingrown hair leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Price List

Model Price
200 Gram Wax Beans Bottle Rs. 398
Lubna's Hair Removing Bean Wax AZULENE 100 gms Rs. 500
Lubna's Hair Removing Bean Wax Sea Mud 100 gms Rs. 500
Meraki Hard Bead/Bean Stripless Hair Removing Wax… Rs. 1,370
Meraki Bead/Bean Stripless Hair Removing Wax Rose… Rs. 1,370
Hard Beans Wax with Free Wooden Spatula Beast Hai… Rs. 299
Beans Wax Hair Removal Rs. 229
Pack Of 2 - Hard Wax Beans 100 Grams & 5 in 1 Fac… Rs. 1,199
Pelle't Hot Wax bean- Hair Removel-Wax-In Multi C… Rs. 499
Hard Wax Beans - 100 grams + 1 Pcs Wooden Spatulas Rs. 270
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