Water Purifier Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Water Purifier in Pakistan is Rs.4,180 and estimated average price is Rs.19,325.


Pakistan does not have safe drinking water making it essential for households to use a filtration system that ensures maximum purification.



The water purifier has various tank sizes starting 7 litres that are enough for up to 4 members of a household. There are also 10 and 12 litres tanks that will be able to accommodate a larger family of up to 8 to 10 members. The water can also be used to prepared food and sterilise the home. 

Water Health Science 

The World Health Organization mentions that the TDS level that is between 900 to1200 and anything more than that is undrinkable. In order to purify water, there need to be multiple filtration stages built into the device. Ultraviolet (UV) water purification is used to remove harmful viruses and bacteria from the water. It is a simple, effective and environmentally safe water purifier that removes 99.99% of harmful microorganisms. 

Filteration Process

The essential Ultraviolet known as UV paired with Reverse Osmosis System passes the water through a high capacity polypropylene sediment filter which removes particles such as rust, dust and sediment. This process eliminates any bad taste and discolouration present in the water. Next, the water goes through a Penta Pure advanced carbon filter that is preparing the water for the next stage of filtration that removes all chlorine, foul taste and odour, colours and cloudiness completely from the water. A good water purifier will have Coconut carbon block filter that removes leftover pollutant residue along with tough chemicals, including chloramines which is essential in preparing drinking water. 

Advanced Purifier 

After the four essential stages in the water purifier system, the process is carried on with passing treated water through the PentaPure RO system used to make clean bottled water. This is a semi-permeable membrane that removes TDS (total dissolved solids), lead, arsenic, sodium, cysts, giardia, chromium and all other contaminants from the water. There is then the final filtration using a GAC filter that cleanses the water leaving it with a natural pleasant taste and no unwanted smell. 

Clean Drinking Water

The water purifier has an inbuilt TDS controller that indicates the range of processed water. When it shows a range of 100–500 then it is suitable for drinking It will be able to retain essential minerals without compromising the quality of the water. Models with RO, UF and UV are reliable and effective in purifying water from the taps. 

Price List

Model Price
Unilever Water Purifier Intella 5 Liter Pure It Rs. 6,000
NasGas Water Purifier F22A Rs. 5,000
Unilever Water Purifier Excella 9 Liter Pure It Rs. 9,000
WestPoint Water Purifier WF-714 Rs. 4,600
Water Filter 3 Stages | water filter for home | w… Rs. 4,455
Dawlance Water Dispenser WD 1060 Silver Without R… Rs. 24,799
PEL 115-Smart - Water Dispenser - White - Rs. 28,500
Homage 3 Tap with refrigerator HWD-49432G Glass W… Rs. 26,700
Orient icon 3 Water Dispenser with 3 Taps Rs. 26,500
6 stage reverse osmosis water filter with alkalin… Rs. 27,500
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