Water Cooler Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Water Cooler in Pakistan is Rs.32,699 and estimated average price is Rs.47,523.


A simple yet effective way to keep your water cool for longer periods when you are out and about. Or warm even as the insulation is just that, insulation, and could work for either of the temperatures. Water coolers come in many sizes, depending on your individual or family needs. A useful product to have, in case.


The water cooler

The first step towards modern storing of water to keep it cool or hot. Made of plastics or steel and aluminium, the water cooler. With a layer of insulation between two layers of plastic or metal that can keep water cold for almost a day easily. The insulation serves as a barrier for the temperature to not be affected by the outside temperature as much.

Sizes and features

Available in various sizes from camping/picnic sizes for multiple people to smaller ones that fit a litre or two for a single person to use over a day. These smaller sizes are common among children at school attached to a strap so it is easy to carry as well. The larger coolers have a bigger mouth so you could also put some water add ice and store cans or juice boxes to keep them cool. Larger water coolers also have a carrying handle so one can move them about easier. 

Things to keep in mind

It is recommended to buy coolers that have not been made from plastics that contain BPA as it can have an impact on the health of people consuming water from such containers. There is research to prove the effects are minimal but it is better to be safe. Over extended periods and depending on individual body chemistry it could cause harm.

Price List

Model Price
NasGas Water Cooler NC-65 Rs. 48,400
Water Cooler FE-35-SS Rs. 37,500
Fischer Electric Water Cooler FFT-45 Rs. 50,400
Welcome Electric Water Cooler WC45 G Supreme Rs. 42,000
IZONE Supreme Electric Water Cooler Steel FSR-45L… Rs. 47,000
Lian Li Galahad 360 Black RGB (Water/Liquid CPU C… Rs. 35,999
NasGas Super Deluxe Electric Water Cooler 35 Litr… Rs. 42,000
Canon 45 Ltr Electric Water Cooler Rs. 47,999
Fischer Water Cooler 35GLN Rs. 44,900
IZone Supreme 35 Ltr Electric Water Cooler Rs. 56,499
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