Wash Basin Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Wash Basin in Pakistan is Rs.2,599 and estimated average price is Rs.28,123.


An essential functional item in your bathroom that provides running water in both hot and cold temperatures with effective drainage. There are traditional and modern designs that are made from ceramic, resin, glass and stainless still that are easy to clean and long-lasting.



The wash basin prices in Pakistan depend upon the size, shape, material and dealership selling the products. High-end material used for water basins is stone that can easily scratch and are sensitive for regular wear and tear of a large family household. Important features are proper water drainage, desired pressure and temperature control, some basins come with predesigned faucets that are highly stylised. 

Classic Design

The traditional design includes the full and semi pedestal basin that has a bowl and a stand premade at a certain height for the bathroom. These designs are not customizable, unlike a wall-mounted basin that can be placed according to your personal preference. 

Contemporary Design 

The modernised versions of the washbasin are installed separately from the bathroom counter. The bowl can sit on top of the vanity cabinet but this can be hard to maintain as the water drips and splashes around the basin which becomes harder to clean.

This modern and luxurious design can be purchased with functionality feature that is placing the sink inside the countertop by creating a hole for it to rest inside. This design has become increasingly common as it is beautiful and hygienic keeping the bathroom clean and hiding the sinks ugly water pipes inside the vanity or under the countertop. 

Price List

Model Price
Monte Rosa 928 vanity wash basin under counter wh… Rs. 12,318
The Emart Portable Travel Foot Wash Basin Rs. 2,599
Monte Rosa 428 wash basin above counter white/ivo… Rs. 14,958
Porta HDFL4925 Cabinet Wash Basin with HDFL4930-W… Rs. 44,419
Monte Rosa 418 wash basin above counter white/ivo… Rs. 17,248
Zilver ZPDB101 Wash Basin With Pedestal Rs. 9,350
Monte Rosa 2801 full pedestal wash basin white/iv… Rs. 54,400
Monte Rosa 2407 full pedestal wash basin white/iv… Rs. 16,798
Marachi MC-2011 Wash Basin With Pedestal Rs. 15,768
Porta HDFL048 (ORCHID) Cabinet Wash Basin Rs. 52,570
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