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A product designed to make the finish of wall paint better. Wall putty improves the surface smoothness so the paint looks more neat. The price of wall putty is in the mid-ranges.


Wall Putty

Painting ones interior spaces is a long process. Wall putty can be used to make the results last longer. It is also a great way to make the walls smoother. Wall putty fills in all the pores, cracks and other imperfections, making the wall smooth overall. It bonds well with cement, plaster, concrete and plywood.

Application of wall putty

Wall putty should be applied over the primer coat, but only after it is completely dry. If one is going to apply two coats of wall putty, the first one must be properly dry as well so one can achieve the desired effect.

The tools used during this process can include a putty knife, paint scraper, sanding block, sandpaper, a piece of cloth and a firm brush. If there are any loose flakes or bumps they can be scraped and sanded so the finish is neater.


Wall putty can be found from various brands and is a relatively affordable product.

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