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The Lowest price of Walking Stick in Pakistan is Rs.950 and estimated average price is Rs.2,194.


The walking stick prescribed by doctors is designed to provide support and balance in walking for those suffering from leg, back or foot injury, diagnosed with arthritis or weak joints due to old age. They have an adjustable height that can be shortened or increased in length depending on the patient's body and condition.


The traditional walking stick is a simple wooden design that has a handle on the top and it supports the weight of the body while walking. These wooden walking sticks are available with fancy motifs and carvings that make them a fashionable accessory for elderly men and women without compromising on the health benefits. The aluminium walking stick is adjustable and can be used going to the bathroom as it is water-resistant. The handle is shaped to fit the fingers in the shape of a firm grip making it easy to hold and control by elderly patients. Walking sticks are also available for kids who are suffering from degenerative bone or muscle health or any other injuries.   

Outside medical prescriptions there are walking sticks designed for hiking, trekking and mountain climbing that can reduce the exhaustion faced by climbers on a long expedition. The rough terrain and uneven ground make it hard to balance causing accidents and injuries. In order to avoid getting hurt, walking sticks secure each step and support the body weight in balancing on uneven ground. The material used to make walking sticks is lightweight aluminium or carbon fibre that is durable and long-lasting able to withstand weight in various angles without fear of breaking. The handle is further secured using strings and a strong rubber protector that increasing the intensity and control of your grip on the stick. The material is water-resistant making it easy to carry in extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

While hiking having a walking stick can also be useful in case one comes across an animal.

Price List

Model Price
FixOrtho Aluminium 4 foot Walking Stick for Patie… Rs. 1,970
Lifecare Enterprises Adjustable Walking Stick Qua… Rs. 2,000
Walking Stick Fold and Adjustable Rs. 3,000
Kharedloustad Trusty Cane LED Folding Walking Sti… Rs. 3,990
Aluminum Walking Stick Quadruple Pod Walking Stic… Rs. 1,850
Walking Stick Universal 1's Rs. 950
Adjustable Folding Walking Stick (413-A) 1's Rs. 1,600
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