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The Lowest price of Voice Recorder in Pakistan is Rs.1,950 and estimated average price is Rs.8,402.


A useful device to record one's lectures and notes. Voice recorders are available with different features, including a variation in storage space and the number of mics built-in. The price range varies, voice recorders are available for a nominal price or a from a higher price point depending on the brand and model.


Voice Recorder

A compact device built to record voice, the original idea being dictation for notes. Today they are also used to have audio coverage of a meeting in case one needs proof of the words spoken later. Modern ones have a minimal amount of buttons on them that are clearly marked making voice recorders easy devices to operate.

Some also have room for an external microphone to be connected, improving quality and range by a large margin. With options that have multiple mics to create a stereo recording. Voice recorders have small screens that allow one to see the timings and also select files for playback.

The storage space on voice recorders varies, it can be anything from a few GB to a lot more. They also have options that have the ability to record onto a microSD card. Recorded files are stored in Mp3 or WAV. Between these settings and options, the recorded hours could be a few hundred to a few thousand.

The battery systems are more often inbuilt and can be recharged or they will use AAA cells. A small speaker also may be present for one to make use of on the go.

Voice recorders are also known as dictaphones. That colloquial term originates from a company that Alexander Graham Bell created for devices that could record dictation.

Voice recorders are available at different prices, this depends on the make and model. As some models have more storage space or more mics and would thus cost more. The known brands that produce voice recorders include Sony, Olympus and Zoom.

Price List

Model Price
Sony ICD-PX470 Digital Voice Recorder Rs. 16,999
SpeedX Digital Voice Recorder Device with 8GB Sto… Rs. 3,499
8GB Rechargeable Professional Mini U-Disk MP3 USB… Rs. 3,400
ICD-PX240 - Digital Voice Recorder - 4 GB Rs. 12,900
usb voice recorder 8 Gb own mem Rs. 3,300
New Model USB 2.0 U-Disk Digital Audio Voice Reco… Rs. 1,950
H1T07 Mini 8GB USB Disk Flash Drive, Digital Audi… Rs. 2,560
sk model usb voice recorder Rs. 2,200
STTWUNAKE Mini Digital Voice Recorder Rs. 8,500
Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder Rs. 22,499
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