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Vim Powder Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Vim Powder in Pakistan is Rs.60 and estimated average price is Rs.79.


The VIM powder cuts through the tough oily layer of grease on pots, pans and plates leaving them clean and clear without any residue. Using VIM powder on larger cooking utensils ensures that hardened food particles are dislodged and loosened to be easily washed out by hand or brush. The formula is strong enough to cut through grease while being gentle on the hands and skin.


The powder makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas of the sink and kitchen as the powder manages to cover every little crevice of the cooking utensil or surface. It is easy to measure how much VIM powder is used at a time as the dried formula is dispersed through a lid with small holes saving you more money over time. The VIM powder can be used to clean multiple surfaces by simply spreading it on the surface and waiting a few minutes for the fast action formula to start cleaning stains and grime. The powder leaves no wanted residue on the surfaces once washed leaving your plates, pots and pans as good as new.

The refreshing lemon fragrance will ensure all your kitchen wear smells wonderful after cleansing. It does not scratch or damages the surface of delicate dinner sets and cookware but is not recommended for nonstick coatings. The bottle is 450G and can be used to clean multiple surfaces in the laundry room, bathroom and outside the house as the formula has the strength of a 100 lemons.

Price List

Model Price
Vim Dish Washing Powder, With Lemon, Bag, 450g Rs. 60
Vim Dish Washing Powder, With Lemon, Bag, 900g Rs. 90
Vim Scourer Powder 450gm Rs. 77
Vim Lemon D/W Powder Poly Bag 450gm Rs. 62
Vim Dishwash Powder 790 Gram Rs. 90
Vim Scourer Powder 900gm Rs. 99
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