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The Lowest price of Vim Bar in Pakistan is Rs.15 and estimated average price is Rs.62.


The VIM bar cuts through the tough oily layer of grease on pots, pans and plates leaving them clean and clear without any residue. Use VIM bar on larger cooking utensils to ensure that hardened food particles are dislodged and loosened easily without wasting your energy. The formula is strong enough as 100 lemons that can cut through any grease while being gentle on the hands and skin.


The VIM bar can be used to clean multiple surfaces by simply spreading it on the surface and waiting a few minutes for the fast action formula to start cleaning stains and grime. The bar soap leaves no wanted white residue on the surfaces once washed off with water leaving your plates, pots and pans as good as new.

The stain removing capabilities of a VIM bar are excellent compared to other dishwashing soaps. It is easy to measure how much soap you are using as the sponge can pick up a thin layer of bar soap at a time that is enough to wash a large load of dishes. The refreshing lemon fragrance will ensure all your kitchen wear smells wonderful after cleansing. It does not scratch or damages the surface of delicate dinner sets and cookware and can also be gently used on nonstick coatings with the soft side of the sponge. It can be used to clean multiple surfaces in the laundry room, bathroom and outside the house as the formula has the strength of a 100 lemons.

Price List

Model Price
Vim 2-in-1 Dish Wash Long Bar, Lemon & Pudina, 27… Rs. 45
Vim Dishwash Bar Lemon & Pudina 2In1 285 gm Rs. 150
Vim Dishwashing Lemon Bar 460GM Rs. 110
Vim Dishwashing Essential Lemon 80 GM Rs. 19
Vim Soap Anti-germ Dish Wash Bar (285gm) Rs. 36
Vim Lemon D/W Bar 95gm Rs. 17
Vim Long Bar 285g Single Pack Rs. 65
Vim Soap Anti-germ Dish Wash Bar (90gm) Rs. 15
Vim Dishwashing Bar Lemon 230GM Rs. 59
Vim Long Bar 2 In 1 Lemon And Pudina 230g Rs. 35
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