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The Lowest price of Vga Cable in Pakistan is Rs.110 and estimated average price is Rs.2,471.


An older visual connection cable, the VGA cable was common in the era of box monitors. The price of VGA cables is relatively low as it is an older format.


Legacy port

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array, it is a connection interface to send over video signals. VGA is considered a legacy port as it is an older format of connection. VGA only supports visual signals, unlike HDMI that has the ability to send over both audio and visual. Old box monitors mostly supported VGA porting, LCD screens initially also had the same. In later years as technology improved VGA's usage reduced a lot.

VGA cable

A VGA cable can transmit a varied degree of resolutions. Ranging from 320×400px @70 Hz, or 320×480px @60 Hz (12.6 MHz of signal bandwidth) to 1280×1024px (SXGA) @85 Hz (160 MHz) and up to 2048×1536px (QXGA) @85 Hz (388 MHz).

Generally, the signal is steady in a shorter cable. In longer cables, there would be some degradation of signal. This does depend on the quality and make of the cable. The good quality cables also minimise signal crosstalk, meaning adjacent cables don't interfere.

Given that VGA cables are from a time past the prices are quite nominal. Better quality ones, of course, cost a little more.

Price List

Model Price
Dany VGA Cable Male - Female 15-Pin 1.5M Rs. 110
Type C To Vga Converter Rs. 1,200
Type C To Vga Converter Rs. 1,200
Ugreen 60814 VGA to HDMI Converter with Audio and Power Sup… Rs. 3,490
Speed X Display Port To Vga Converter (d Port / Dp To Vga) Rs. 399
VGA to Video Tv Out S-Video Av And 3 Rca Female Converter C… Rs. 816
Speedx Vga Female To Female Joinder 15 Pin (female Connecto… Rs. 125
Dany VGA Cable Male - Male 15-Pin 1.5M Rs. 200
Vga Cable 15 to 15 pin male 10M Good Quality Rs. 1,090
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