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The Lowest price of Vermicelli in Pakistan is Rs.17 and estimated average price is Rs.90.


Vermicelli is a word used for pasta and also for seviyan. The pasta version is similar to spaghetti but just thinner. One can get vermicelli from different brands and the thickness may vary somewhat depending on the specific brand. An affordable ingredient that can be bought easily.


Vermicelli is a kind of pasta that is similar to spaghetti but comparatively thinner. It is also the English word used for seviyan, the sweet pasta-like dish often made on Eid in Pakistan.

There are a lot of different kinds of pasta dishes one can make from vermicelli and many brands produce it too. This means one can also find the one that they generally prefer.

The price of vermicelli is relatively low, making it an affordable ingredient to cook with.

Price List

Model Price
Dessert Lukz Blue Touch Vermicelli-25 Toppings, 1… Rs. 145
Dessert Lukz Chocolate Vermicelli-05 Toppings, 10… Rs. 145
Dessert Lukz Chocolate Vanilla Vermicelli-06 Topp… Rs. 145
Kolson Vermicelli Cock Pasta 250g Rs. 40
Dessert Lukz Rainbow Vermicelli Dark-01 Toppings,… Rs. 145
Bake Parlor Color Flavored Vermicelli 400gm Rs. 105
National Vermicelli 150g Rs. 70
Dessert Lukz Rainbow Vermicelli-03 Toppings, 100g Rs. 145
Chocolate Sprinkles Vermicelli 250 Grams Edible-S… Rs. 199
Sprinkles Rainbow Vermicelli Rs. 99
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