Vaseline Hair Tonic Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Vaseline Hair Tonic in Pakistan is Rs.130 and estimated average price is Rs.360.


Vaseline Hair Tonic is a scalp conditioner used popularly by men to restore moisture and shine to their hair. It is available in a 200ml bottle and is directly applied to damp hair after showering. The formula is lightweight with moisture-locking abilities that will tame frizzy hair, hydrate the scalp and improve hair texture.


The Vaseline Hair Tonic can be used by men and women of all ages. It has no harmful parabens, sulphates and chemicals that make it perfectly safe to use. It can be used as both hair oil and conditioner depending on your personal hair care routine.

It can easily be integrated into your hairstyling as it has the capability to settle fly away hair and add a glossy finish to the hair. It is suitable for all hair types and can improve dry brittle hair to a soft and smooth texture. The Mineral Oil formula stops hair from greying and prevents hair fall by creating a protective barrier between the hair and dust, sun damage and toxins from being absorbed by the scalp.  

Price List

Model Price
Vaseline Hair Tonic 100ml Rs. 501
Vaseline Hair Tonic And Scalp Conditioner 100ML Rs. 130
Vaseline Hair Tonic And Scalp Conditioner 200 ML Rs. 450
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