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The vape pen is a compact, sleek and easy to manage E-liquid nicotine holder that is designed to offer users a satisfying vaping experience. The apparatus has a container attached to a battery powered heat element that safely creates vapour carrying flavoured nicotine that can be released through an ignition button to inhale through the mouth.


As a substitute to smoking cigarettes, the vape pen has become a popular aid in helping people quit smoking for good. It does not have carbon monoxide having removed the tobacco carrying tar that is harmful to the lungs. The vape pen is available through various brands and designs that tailor the mechanism according to user preferences. The vape pen does not create large vape clouds like its heavy-duty versions called the vape mods as the element and tube containing the liquid nicotine is much smaller. The battery can be easily replaced and there are designs that are rechargeable using any USB charging cable making it convenient to carry along with your other electronics. 

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