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The Lowest price of Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan is Rs.2,340 and estimated average price is Rs.17,316.


A vacuum cleaner, also known as a hoover, is an appliance that uses an electric fan to create a partial 'vacuum' and suck up dust from surfaces. This dust and dirt, collected in a removable housing or bag, can then be disposed off easily. Vacuum cleaners in modern times have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury as they help clean floors, carpets and upholstery quickly and with less effort compared to sweeps, brooms or besoms (jharoo). Also, since the dust is collected inside the vacuum cleaner, it prevents it from spreading around other surfaces. Some notable vacuum cleaner brands in Pakistan include, Dyson, Hoover, Anex, Westpoint and Panasonic. Search and compare vacuum cleaner prices in Pakistan on and find the best deal available from trusted online stores.

Price List

Model Price
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-YL690 Rs. 31,200
WestPoint Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner WF3602 Rs. 16,800
West Point Vacuum Cleaner WF3569 Rs. 22,400
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner NE620 Rs. 28,200
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner WF103 Rs. 19,400
Aardee Vacuum Cleaner ARVCC-2000 Rs. 14,950
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner WF104 Rs. 19,400
Dawlance Vacuum Cleaner DWVC-6724 ENJ Blue Rs. 17,550
WestPoint Vacuum Cleaner WF-3469 Rs. 22,400
Sencor Vacuum Cleaner SVC730GR Rs. 27,300
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