Usb C Hub Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Usb C Hub in Pakistan is Rs.1,150 and estimated average price is Rs.6,029.


A useful little gizmo to extend the number of ports one's device has. This is very ideal for machines that may have only a few out ports, attaching a USB C hub can add on a whole other mix of ports. One can choose based on the number and kind of extra ports they need, as well as on their budget. The prices range from a lower to a mid-range and many different brands produce these hubs.


USB C hubs ad a lot of convenience by extending the number of ports or adding ports that do not exist on one's machine. There are all shapes and sizes available. 

The ports a USB C hub can add could be any mix of ports, this can include different kinds of USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet and SD card slots. A lot of the latest laptops have limited ports as they have become super thin, a USB C hub lets one make use of a whole new range of peripherals or media devices.


Many different brands produce USB C hubs such as Anker, Tronsmart, VAVA, Belkin and Jabra. The price of these hubs varies from affordable to mid-range, depending on how many ports it has and the brand.

Price List

Model Price
Wiwu Alpha Type-C to VGA Converter usb hub Length… Rs. 2,299
WiWU Alpha 831HRT, WiWU Type C Hub, 8 in 1 Adapte… Rs. 10,999
WIWU AIlphaa C2H 3 in One USB C to HDMI USB Adapt… Rs. 4,849
USB C 3.1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter with 3-Port U… Rs. 1,980
WIWU Alpha usb c hub 11 In 1 Multi-function USB-… Rs. 12,849
Baseus Steel Cannon Series USB A & Type-C Bidirec… Rs. 4,499
WiWU T02 Multiple Function 2 in 1 Type C hub to D… Rs. 1,699
WIWU Alpha USB-C Type-C to VGA Hub, Length 110mm Rs. 1,903
Choetech 9 In 1 USB-C Ethernet Hub (HUB-M15) Rs. 8,980
UGREEN USB C Hub 5 in 1 HDMI Aadapter with 4 USB … Rs. 4,990
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