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The Urban Decay Lip Palette is designed to provide a wide range of colours that come in small tubs arranged inside a gorgeous sleek makeup box. There are several combinations available that can create various makeup looks depending on your personal style.


With an Urban Decay Lip Palette you can explore and customise your lip colour instead of feeling limited to one particular shade. The formula for the lip colour is soft, smooth and velvety creating a luscious matte finish that can be worn to festive occasions as well as formal meetings. The hydrating and moisturizing formula will keep the lips feeling soft and comfortable as the colour is meant to last for several hours throughout the day.

The highly pigmented colour will stay intact during humid and hot weather ideal for the Pakistani climate. The collection includes reds, purples, browns, pinks and metallic shades. The Urban Decay Lip Palette is designed with a protective cover keeping your lipstick shades safe from dust and pollution increasing their shelf life and quality. 

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