Uniball Pen Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Uniball Pen in Pakistan is Rs.120 and estimated average price is Rs.551.


The Uniball Pen has a pressurized ink cartridge that ensures that writing will be consistent, smooth and easy with a plastic casing that is durable with a comfortable grip suitable for all ages.


Multiple Surfaces

This pen can be used on multiple surfaces that include paper, fabric, wood and metal. Even if hot or cold temperatures the ink will not bleed, spill or damage the pen. The Uniball pen will be able to write in various angles with placed the paper vertically or horizontally because of its pressurised ink cartridge that distributes ink perfectly when holding it in any direction. The Super Ink technology ensures the ink is waterproof and water-resistant, fast drying and will not fade over time ensuring documents are preserved for decades and prevention of fraudulent documents. The Uniball pen is reusable as ink cartridges can be bought separately making it easy to manage as compared to fountain pen or pencils.

Types Of Uniball Pen

The popular tip size is 0.7mm that is most commonly used and is readily available online. Bold enough line can be made with the 0.7 that is easy to read and write with ideal for school. office and businesses. 

The 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm can be bought by those looking for a particular kind of line suitable for their writing style and typography. The variety of pens includes fine 0.38mm and a 0.8mm that are usually bought by designers, engineers and artists looking to have the whole range of available tips to use for their work. 

The types of Uniball Pens available by the company include Gel, Rollerball, Ballpoint and Porus Point Pens. Depending on the work and surface, each pen offers a unique result that can make it easy to complete writing tasks according to the criteria required. Uniball pens are used to fill forms, documents, create art, complete writing assignments and journaling.


There are a variety of inks available including Black, Blue, Green and Red most commonly seen but also have unique colours such as Light Blue, Orange, Pink and Violet. Having a variety of colours makes it easy to colour coordinate and organise writing assignments and notes.   

Price List

Model Price
Uni Ball Pen Signo Gel Pen 0.7mm Pack of 12 UM 12… Rs. 975
Uniball Eye Micro - Pack Of 4 Pointer - Multicolo… Rs. 499
Uniball Signo Gel Pen Rs. 719
Pack of 4 Uniball Eye Micro Rollerball Round Tip … Rs. 549
Uniball Eye Micro - Pack Of 4 Pointer - Multicolo… Rs. 449
Pack Of 12 Gel Pen Uniball Signo Rs. 999
Uniball Signo Gel Pen Black 12 pieces Rs. 899
Uniball Signo Gel Pen - Blue Rs. 145
Pack Of 12 - Uniball Signo - Blue Rs. 840
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