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A machine that is used to produce images of organs or babies inside the human body. This is a way to look at their health and can help doctors spot any cysts or other issues with the organ muscles. Ultrasound machines are expensive devices to purchase.


Ultrasound machine

Ultrasound is sound waves that have a frequency higher than the audible limit for human hearing. An ultrasound machine makes these sounds, sending them into the human body. These waves get reflected after which a computer receives these waves and uses them to generate a picture. Unlike X-rays or CT scans this test does not make use of radiation, making it safer.

Ultrasound imaging is called sonography and is often used to image unborn babies to keep an eye on their growth.

Ultrasound machines have a small handheld device that is pressed against the body and is glided over it. This is why there is a gel that is used to reduce friction against the skin; the gel is also antiseptic so use over multiple patients will not crate other issues of disease transfer. This is handheld device is connected to the main console that has the imaging computer inside it.

The machine also prints a small image for the patient to have a record.


These ultrasound machines are on wheels making them easy to move around. Some are smaller and are the size of a briefcase making them even more portable. One can easily place this kind of ultrasound machine on any table for use.

Ultrasound machines are expensive devices to purchase.

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