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The Lowest price of Udv Perfume in Pakistan is Rs.200 and estimated average price is Rs.2,022.


A brand based out of France with a focus on making high-quality products within a competitive price range. The brand barely advertises which helps them keep their products at lower costs. UDV is known for fun scents that are aimed at people who are from 20 to 35 years of age.


An accessible brand 

UDV (Ulric de Varens) is a French brand founded in 1981 that creates perfumes with an emphasis on fun within an affordable price point. Set up by Ulric Viellard, the brand has worked with many senior perfume creators in the market such as Jean-Claude Ellena who is the creator of great successes for YSL, Cartier and Hermès. More recently UDV had under their wing Pierre Bourdon the creator of Cool Water, Kouros, Dolcé Vita, Féminité Du Bois. The brand does not spend much money on advertising, instead, they rely on mass-market retailers. This is how they are able to keep the costs lower than most other brands producing items of such quality. Distributing in over 90 countries, also being one of the most selling fragrance brands in France and Germany.

The large catalogue of UDV

UDV has over 20 lines of scents, with over 150 options for men and women. The target market is people who are in the 20 to 35 year age bracket. UDV fragrances are creative originals, with a multitude of notes to make their range as diverse as possible with something for everyone.
With lots of options at many different prices but all within an accessible range.

Price List

Model Price
UDV Perfume -100ml Rs. 250
UdV for Men Rs. 2,612
UDV Ulric De Varens for Men Perfume 100 ml Rs. 1,914
Ulric De Varens Ulric de Varens ( UDV ) Paris Bla… Rs. 1,999
udv perfume pour elle chic-issime 75ml Rs. 1,694
Ulric De Varens Ulric de Varens ( UDV ) Star Perf… Rs. 1,999
Udv Perfume Sets Mix (Blue) Rs. 2,500
UDV 6ml Rs. 400
Udv Perfume Sets Mix (White) Rs. 2,500
UDV 3ml Rs. 200
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