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The Lowest price of Tulip Pants in Pakistan is Rs.642 and estimated average price is Rs.961.


Tulip pants are light to wear without much need for ironing as they are made in loose-fitting and women prefer to wear them without any pre starch wash. Comfortable and durable they are easy to move around in.


History of the Tulip Design

Originally started as the Tulip shalwar is a chic modern interpretation of the classic Patiyala shalwar. The Patiyala shalwar originated from North-West Pakistan regions with Pakhtun culture. It became is an iconic fashion trend among young girls. It made a come back in the early 2000s in Pakistan. Like the Patiyala the Tulip shalwars have a wide circumference with lush layers denoting the multiple pleats around the waistband. These pleats are what gives the Tulip shalwar its voluminous illusion that elegantly drapes around each leg.

Description and Types Available 

The Tulip shalwar is a skinny version of the commonly worn shalwar pants, it takes the wrap-around sarong concept from East Asia and combines it with the Patiyala shalwar. The result is a sleek pair of pants that are wide from the thighs but tight from the ankles. The straight leg and skinny pants were a popular trend in eastern wear but now women prefer to alternate between pants and the Tulip ants. The shalwar kameez is no longer a two-piece or three-piece suit. Women want to buy ready-made Kurti, shirts and dresses available as a single item of clothing to buy off branded retailers in Pakistan. Tulip pants have become an essential pair of lowers that can be easily matched with every outfit. 

It has a singular mid pleat that cuts through each leg giving shape and structure. They look airy and lightweight as compared to regular shalwars. The overall appearance of these ethnic pants can be further be embellished with beads and lace. Pakistani women are constantly changing their fashion style wanting to change things up in their wardrobe. 

Design and Material 

Tulip pants are now available online in over 100 designs. They are made in different colours and materials. For casual daywear to match with a short Kurti or dressy frock, they are great summer pants for women. They are also available to match with more formal wedding occasion designs. Available online in a range of prices from inexpensive linen or cotton material variety to more expensive Jamawar, silk and chiffon.

Price List

Model Price
Pack of 3 - Multicolor Viscose Tulip Shalwars for… Rs. 899
DHANAK - Tulip Pant Cutting Trousers for Women in… Rs. 826
DHANAK - Tulip Pant Cutting Trousers for Women in… Rs. 642
DHANAK - Pack of 2 - Tulip Pant Cutting Trousers … Rs. 1,396
Sapphire Khaddar Tulip Trouser Beige Rs. 716
Tulip Pants Rs. 1,440
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