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The Lowest price of Tripod 3110 in Pakistan is Rs.599 and estimated average price is Rs.854.


A tripod that one can use with their camera or smartphone. The tripod 3110 is a simple to use item, it is made from aluminium a sturdy material which is light as well. This makes this tripod easy to carry around with you. The tripod 3110 is available for nominal prices.


The tripod

Before the camera was modern, the camera needed to be kept stable. The tripod stand was a simple yet effective device that achieved this. The design also made it a lot more compact when it was closed up, making it easy to carry around to locations and back. Today tripods are used widely, some specific shots need the camera to be kept still so shakes don't make the image blurry. Constructed with telescopic legs so the height can be adjusted to one's requirements. Also quite helpful if one wants to keep a static, fixed frame, with the subject(s) moving around.

The tripod 3110

In modern times there is a new requirement of tripods, the ability to work with smartphones. The tripod 3110 comes with both options; it has a bracket that works with cameras and another that is specifically for smartphones. It can support anything under 2kgs of weight. The head has a 360-degree swivel with three-way movement.

The height can be a max of 150cm. The aluminium legs have rubber feet so the tripod can be more stable on inclines and slippery surfaces.


Tripod 3110 is available with multiple package options, such as a combo with ring lights or other accessories. It generally comes with a carry case as well.

This is a nominally priced item to purchase.

Price List

Model Price
Universal Tripod Camera Stand 3110 for Canon Niko… Rs. 970
Tripod Mobile Phone Camera Stand 3110 Rs. 999
3.5 Feet Tripod Stand for Mobile Phones and Camer… Rs. 780
Tripod Camera Stand For Making Videos In Mobile P… Rs. 1,090
3110 Mobile Tripod Rs. 799
Eomobiles Camera Tripod Stand (3110) Rs. 799
Rubian Tripod Stand For Camera & Phone - Black & … Rs. 649
Kareem Mobiles Camera Tripod Stand (3110) Rs. 899
Friends Mobile Camera Tripod Stand (3110) Rs. 899
Muzamil Store Universal Tripod Camera Stand (3110) Rs. 699
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