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The Lowest price of Tripod in Pakistan is Rs.89 and estimated average price is Rs.49,056.


A device designed to hold a camera or a video camera in place while one is operating it. Tripods make it easier to take long exposure shots. Built from various materials that are usually light and sturdy. Making tripods easy to cart around. Tripods are available for different prices depending on the material and make.


The tripod

Before the camera was modern, the camera needed to be kept stable. The tripod stand was a simple yet effective device that achieved this. The design also made it a lot more compact when it was closed up, making it easy to carry around to locations and back. Today tripods are used widely, some specific shots need the camera to be kept still so shakes don't make the image blurry. Constructed with telescopic legs so the height can be adjusted to one's requirements. Also quite helpful if one wants to keep a static, fixed frame, with the subject(s) moving around.

The different kinds

Available in a few different sizes, some are made thicker so they can sustain more weight. The most common material today that tripod stans are constructed from is aluminium, due to it being light and yet sturdy. Other versions are made from carbon fibre reinforced plastics.

Smaller more flexible tripods are also often seen today for outdoor applications. One version is known as the Gorilla pod, with legs that are made of ball joints through and through, giving it the ability to be set on uneven surfaces, such as rocks, a lot easier. The design o the legs also enables it to be wrapped around a pole or branch.

The attachment screw on tripod stands is universal, one size works for most of the various kinds of camera. One of the most known brands making tripods, aside from the camera making brands, is Manfrotto. Tripod stands have a varied range of prices that they are available for, this depends on the material, size and brand.

Price List

Model Price
10" Selfie Ring Light with 50" Extendable Tripod … Rs. 12,375
Weifeng WT-330A Professional Tripod stand Rs. 3,000
ENRG Tripod Mount Adapter Cell Phone Clipper Hold… Rs. 349
ENRG LED Ring Light 18 Inch \ 45 cm with 7.5ft Me… Rs. 7,999
Universal Mini Tripod Rs. 179
GoPro Tripod/Monopod/Slider Mount Rs. 550
ALOGY Flexible Tripod UFO Stand For Portable Came… Rs. 799
Mobile Mount for Tripods and Monopods Rs. 89
ICON Gorilla Tripod Stand For Mobile Camera 12 In… Rs. 1,799
Mini Tripod Support Mobile Stand Rs. 715
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