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The Lowest price of Travel Trolley in Pakistan is Rs.14,699 and estimated average price is Rs.24,456.


Travel trollies are convenient to move about as they are built with wheels. A great use when one is on the go in an airport, especially when airports seem to have longer and longer walkways. Travel trollies can be bought in various sizes and materials depending on one's needs. The prices differ based on size and the brand.


Travel trolley

A suitcase with wheels is the simplest way to describe a travel trolley. The essential advantage being a suitcase that is easy to move around. Especially as airports have long walks and getting a porter or the luggage cart isn't always convenient. Travel trollies come in various sizes, some are meant to be checked into the luggage compartment of the plane. Others are 'cabin' size, meaning they can be taken along with the passenger and put in the overhead storage above one's seat.

Construction and designs

Travel trollies can be made from any number of materials. This includes fabrics, graphite, carbon fibre and aluminium. The design is generally similar with a slight variation in size and the number of compartments and pockets. The harder materials have the ability to withstand travel knocking better, while the fabric ones can be stuffed more in case one has extra stuff.

One can find multiple options from the same brand too.

The hard cases are often built with a combination lock and a key for the latches that pop open to open it. The softer bags usually have a zip which can be locked. The locks that come with these zips tend to be weak most of the time, so it is better to purchase a lock separately as well.


The size of travel trollies varies so one can choose something they need, the large size could be good for a long journey and the cabin size is convenient for shorter trips. People tend to have a check-in bag as well as a carry on sized bag for more space, for longer journeys.

The cabin bag is a standardised size as airlines have stringent size and weight requirements for bags that will be kept in the overhead storage.

Travel trollies are available at many different prices, the variation is dependent on the size and brand. The best known and most hardy commercially known brand is Samsonite, which is why their products are very costly.

Price List

Model Price
KASHIF LUGGAGE . Pack of - 4 (20" 24" 28" 32') St… Rs. 16,799
HLNB . Travel Max Light weight 2 Wheel 4 pcs Trol… Rs. 31,999
Delsey Chartreuse 4W 67" Trolley Cabin Medium Bla… Rs. 21,071
Carlton Wexford Soft Luggage Trolley Bag 80cm Rs. 29,000
Delsey Pilatus 4W 77" Trolley Cabin Large Navy Bl… Rs. 22,877
Echolac Echosmart 20" Travel Trolley Bag Grey (PC… Rs. 39,999
Delsey Pilatus 4W 77" Trolley Cabin Large Black (… Rs. 22,877
Delsey Chartreuse 4W 78" Trolley Cabin Large Ligh… Rs. 24,683
Delsey Chartreuse 4W 67" Trolley Cabin Medium Lig… Rs. 21,071
Carlton Sonar Hard 68cm Trolley Bag Silver Rs. 18,950
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