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The Lowest price of Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs.54 and estimated average price is Rs.441.


Household products that are designed to help clean the toilet. Toilet cleaners are usually of two types, bleach-based or acid-based. Which one uses depends on the type of cleaning they need to do. The price of toilet cleaners is from lower-end ranges.


Toilet Cleaner

One of the more cruddy places in a washroom that needs cleaning is the toilet. To aid in the process people have made products that have acid or bleach added into them. This helps with the stains, germs and biological debris. Toilet cleaners are used in conjunction with a toilet brush. One can use the brush to rub the toilet cleaner into the specifically dirty spots.

The acidic versions of toilet cleaners also help with opening up the drain-way a bit. Sometimes people leave the acid in the bowl for a while without flushing, so it can do its work. This causes acidic fumes which one needs to avoid!

Due to the nature of toilet cleaners, they can be harmful to the skin and to eyes. One should be careful and also keep such household cleaning items out of the reach of children as they are toxic.

Environmental concerns

The fact that these toilet cleaners are made from toxic products that end up in the ocean eventually, there is much debate as to whether they should be used daily, a couple of times a week or used at all. To reduce the impact one can use lesser quantities and also use it fewer times a week.


Which kind of toilet cleaner you choose depends on your needs, a bleach-based one would do a lighter clean in comparison.

One of the internationally known brands is Harpic. Harpic is a bleach-based variant. Locally, Sweep is a common toilet cleaner and is of the acidic variety. Other brands are Kiwi Kleen, Domex, WIZ and Cif.

The price of toilet cleaners is generally within a lower-end price range.

Price List

Model Price
Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner, Lavender, 500ml Rs. 325
Cool & Cool Disinfectant Toilet Spray, Lemon Scen… Rs. 910
Finis Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Citrus, 500ml Rs. 400
Say's Sweep Toilet Cleaner & Drain Opener 1000ml Rs. 210
Domex Pine Blast Toilet Expert Cleaner 500ml Rs. 299
Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner, Lavender, 750ml Rs. 475
Tyfon Toilet Cleaner & Drain Opener 550ml Rs. 145
Domex Original Toilet Expert Cleaner 500ml Rs. 299
Finis Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Marine, 500ml Rs. 400
Spontex Boss Toilet Brush Set, White Rs. 1,075
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