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The Lowest price of Tiger Stone in Pakistan is Rs.106 and estimated average price is Rs.753.


A stone that is brown with yellowish-gold stipes, this being why it is called tiger stone. This stone is not very expensive unless it is a very special specimen.


Tiger Stone

A chatoyancy crystal also known as the tiger's eye. This stone is brown with yellowish-golden bands going across is, therefore the name. One could also say some have a reddish tinge to them. Tiger stone can be found mainly in South Africa and Western Australia but it is also found in other countries, including Burma, India, Namibia, United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and Spain. 

Why people wear Tiger Stone

People wear this rock to help them with chronic fatigue or other issues that make you drowsy. It is also worn in certain parts of the world to ward off 'evil eye'. Tiger stone is said to reinforce the first three chakras. These three are relevant to imagination and willpower.


The tiger stone is cut in a manner to compliment the lines inside and achieve the best possible chatoyancy. This stone is rarely expensive, it has to be a very special specimen for it to cost more. Generally tiger stone is available for mid-range prices and of course the larger it is the more it costs.

Price List

Model Price
Tiger Eye Fashion Stone Ring For Men Rs. 139
Ring for Men pack of 2 tiger+Aqeeq stone ring Rs. 259
Antique Tiger Stone Ring For Men - Silver Rs. 449
Pack of 2 ring / Tiger eye Stone Ring & Green Aki… Rs. 229
Pack of 2 ring / Tiger eye Stone Ring & Red Eye S… Rs. 238
Tiger Eye Stone Ring For Men Rs. 165
Pack of 10 irani, Sulemani, yamni, tiger stone. W… Rs. 199
Ring for Men pack of 2 tiger+red stone ring Rs. 225
Tiger Stone Ring For Men china silver. Real stone Rs. 124
Tiger Stone Ring For Men china silver. Real stone Rs. 135
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