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The Lowest price of Thumb Pins in Pakistan is Rs.975 and estimated average price is Rs.1,319.


Thumb pins are used in offices and classrooms as a means to pin things to a soft board. There are a few different designs and one of them is also known as a drawing pin; it has a flat top and is used to attach paper to a drawing board. One can pick the design that they need. Thumb pins can be hazardous for kids so should be kept away from them. The price of these pins is nominal.


Thumb pins

Thumb pins are also known as thumbtacks, this mini-sized pin has a small handle-like head behind them which makes them easy to stick in or pull out. These pins are used to attach things to a soft board or any other wooden surface. Soft boards are often found in office or classrooms as a way to keep important notices easily visible. People also use them as a means to keep track of tasks that need to be done or notes left for others. Thumb pins come in a lot of different colours which is also useful if one wants to mark things on a map with a colour scheme in mind.

There is another design that has a flat top, these kind are also known as drawing pins as they are used to attach the paper to a drawing board. The flush design makes them easier to work with in this instance as they are not in the way. Otherwise, they would keep getting elbowed and eventually fall out. Due to the flat top, these pins are more likely to be in a position with the pin facing upward when lying around which could be dangerous.


Thumb pins are small and pose a choking hazard for kids; they could be harmful for kids otherwise too as they have a sharp point; which is why they should be kept out of their reach.

One can purchase these pins in larger quantities, with a lot of packs containing 30 or more pins. The price of thumb pins is nominal.

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Model Price
Pack of 4 - Clips, Pins, Rubber Bands and Thumb P… Rs. 1,275
Office Stationery Set of Paper Clips - Binder Cli… Rs. 975
40 Pcs Office Stationery Set - Calculator, Pencil… Rs. 1,754
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