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Thinning scissors are specially made with teeth so they take out chunks of hair to remove weight. The amount depends on the specific kind of teeth a scissor has. There are a few different kinds based on how much hair one wants to cut. There are many brands that produce thinning scissors, the prices range from the lower ranges all the way to the top if one purchases a special brand.


Thinning Scissors

A specially designed scissor that has teeth with deep grooves on one blade, while the other blade is a regular one; this allows hair to be cut at even intervals, removing excess weight. These scissors are also used to soften lines and to blend between sections.

There are different kinds of thinning scissors. One can choose the correct one based on what they want to achieve for the hair. One is for texturizing and blending, another for chunkier weight removal and lastly, there is one for finishing. 

The difference is based around the number and type of teeth. The finer the teeth the more they blend and more evenly they will remove hair, these are the ones for finishing with 15 to 22 teeth. The texturizing and blending kind will have about 25 or more teeth.

Wider teeth are designed to take out chunkier portions of hair and will have 7 to 15 teeth. One does, however, have to be careful with these wider ones as they take out a lot of hair and there is more room for error as it is a more aggressive cut.


There are many brands that produce these thinning scissors. Many are no name and the one that is high end is Saki. The price can range from the lower end to the mid or even more for specialised brands such as Saki Shears from Japan.

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