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Thermocol sheets are often used for packing and insulation. It is considered an environmentally unsafe material. These sheets are available within a lower price range. 


What is a thermocol sheet

Made from small ball-like bits of polystyrene. Containing 95-98% air, making it one of the ideal materials for packaging where it is most often used as padding. 

Uses of themocol sheets

Apart from the usual packaging uses, thermocol sheets are used for insulation in buidings. Helping maintain temperatures and reducing heating and cooling costs. Themocol sheets that have graphite incorporated in them have better-insulating properties.

Environmental issues

Thermocol sheets respond slowly to bacterial decomposition in the soil, making the soil infertile in the process. If burned it releases black smoke that is full of poisonous gases. These can cause respiratory problems and even death if consumed in certain quantities. The sea is also full of themocol particles. Use of thermocol has been reduced due to these reasons and is generally avoided in today's time.

Most people think styrofoam and themocol sheets are the same, in general English usage this may be true. But in production they are different and styrofoam is a specific kind of thermocol sheet that is owned by Dow Chemical Co.

Generally, thermocol sheets are nominally priced. Available in various sizes and thicknesses as well, one can choose which works for them depending on their required usage.

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