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The Lowest price of Thermal Printer in Pakistan is Rs.296 and estimated average price is Rs.5,478.


A thermal printer is ideal for the till at a shop as it is fast and cheap to refill. The refill is of paper rolls, being in a roll form also means it can print a lot longer a receipt without breaks. It doesn't contain any ink, toner or ribbon making it a lot more durable over time.

Pros & Cons


  • Fast

  • Quiet

  • Cheap

  • Durable


  • Purpose specific


How thermal printing works

As the name suggests thermal printers use heat to create an image. A digital printing process that uses selective heating on thermochromic paper also known as thermal paper for short. When the paper passes over the heated print head the coating turns black in selected areas producing an image. There are also two-colour thermal printers which use different temperatures to create a secondary colour which is usually red.

Advantages & common uses

Thermal printers are usually cheap, quiet, fast and consume less energy making them more ideal than dot-matrix printers. They compete in a similar arena of applications with commercial tills being the most common. Roll based printers like thermal printers can also be refilled a lot faster so it makes them ideal for information kiosks, petrol pumps, other points of sale, information labels and in hospital machines that print rhythm strips of a heartbeat. 

Other uses

Still commonly used in seafloor exploration and engineering geology due to their portability, speed and ability to create continuous reels or sheets. Typically thermal printers found in offshore applications are used to print realtime records of side-scan sonar and sub-seafloor seismic imagery. In data processing, thermal printers are sometimes used to quickly create hard copies of continuous seismic or hydrographic records stored in digital SEG Y or XTF form (formats containing geological data).

Fujitsu, Epson, Black Copper, Tysso and Speed-X produce thermal printers more geared for point of sale like uses.

Price List

Model Price
Rolls for Adding Machine Printing Calculator Rece… Rs. 2,751
Rolls for Adding Machine Printing Calculator Rece… Rs. 10,703
Speedx 400UL Thermal Printer for Receipt (Raseed … Rs. 11,999
80mm x 50 Meter Thermal Printer Roll (48 Pcs Per … Rs. 11,050
Pack of 06, POS Thermal Printer Roll, White Color… Rs. 1,380
Pack of 10 - POS Thermal Printer Roll - 40 Meter Rs. 1,899
Rolls for Adding Machine Printing Calculator Rece… Rs. 1,527
Pack of 6 - POS Thermal Printer Roll, White Color… Rs. 1,380
Rolls for Adding Machine Printing Calculator Rece… Rs. 6,881
Pack of 6 Pcs Thermal Printer Roll 3 Inch x 50 me… Rs. 1,499
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