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The Lowest price of Test Tube Holder in Pakistan is Rs.1,099 and estimated average price is Rs.1,099.


A device designed to hold a test tube. These are simple contraptions but are useful if the test tube is hot or if should not be held due to what it contains. The price of a test tube holder is nominal.


Test tube holder

A clamp-like contraption made so if a test tube is hot or should not be touched it can be held with this tong like device. This can also be used to hold a test tube over a flame as it gets heated. 

Test tube holders are designed in a manner that there is a spring-loaded mechanism which keeps the clamps set around the tube.

A test tube holder can be made from metal or from wood. The metal one would need gloves to be held if one is using it to hold a test tube over a flame.

The proper distance from the top of the test tube opening where the holder should be is approximately 3cm. The open end of the tube should be pointed away from the person holding it as well as other people.


Test tube holders are available for affordable prices.

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Europe Metal Makeup Brush Storage Holder Test Tub… Rs. 1,099
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