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The Lowest price of Tea Tree Oil in Pakistan is Rs.270 and estimated average price is Rs.1,283.


An essential oil belonging to the tea tree family. It can be used for various issues relating to the skin. Tea tree is poisonous if ingested, so one needs to be careful. The price of tea tree oil is high.


Tea Tree Oil

Extracted from the leaves of the tea tree and also known as melaleuca oil. Tea tree oil has a fresh, camphoraceous smell and its colour ranges from pale yellow to nearly colourless. This oil is native to southeast Queensland and the northeastern coast of New South Wales in Australia. The commercial industry began there in the 1920s but today other countries also produce tea tree oil from plants in the 'tea tree' family.

The oil has many constituents and its composition changes if it is exposed to air and oxidises. It is generally not recommended to use the oil if that happens to it.

Uses of tea tree oil

The uses are part of traditional medicine. Tea tree oil has been used for treating dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, insect bites, scabies, and skin fungal or bacterial infections. There is not much research to solidify the health claims.

Dangers of tea tree oil

There are cases of allergic reactions to tea tree oil, in fact, most of the allergic reaction related to essential oils are related to tea tree oil. Allergic reactions may be due to the oil being exposed to air which is why it was mentioned above that it should not be used in such cases.

Taken orally tea tree oil is poisonous, it can cause confusion, hallucinations, diarrhoea, coma, unsteadiness, vomiting, weakness, blood cell abnormalities, drowsiness and severe rashes.

It should be kept away from children and pets as there have been many cases of poisoning regarding both. 


Tea tree oil is a relatively expensive product and is mostly available in small vials.

Price List

Model Price
Tea Tree Oil Rs. 750
Oriflame Love Nature Purifying Face Oil with Orga… Rs. 1,089
Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Soft Heels Gel Pa… Rs. 550
Saeed Ghani Tea Tree Oil - 10ml - 8964000507131 Rs. 1,000
Pack of Summer Oils Argan, Jojoba Tea Tree - for … Rs. 700
Hemani Tea Tree Oil 30ml Rs. 290
WBbyHemani Pack of 4 Tea Tree Oils Rs. 656
Tea Tree Aromatherapy Essential Oil - 100% Pure &… Rs. 399
Tea Tree Aromatherapy Essential Oil - 100% Pure &… Rs. 2,699
Tea Tree Oil 40ml Rs. 486
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