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The Lowest price of Tang in Pakistan is Rs.29 and estimated average price is Rs.460.


Tang is amongst the most popular artificially flavoured drink mixes in Pakistan. Its currently owned by the American multinational giant Mondelēz International, the same brand that owns Toblerone, LU, Cadbury, Côte d'Or, Oreo etc. Available worldwide in powdered and liquid-concentrate form, Tang is sold in sachets, pouch, glass jars, tins and full-sized plastic tubs. The sachets are the most convenient option due to portability, you can take one in your handbag and drink any time anywhere to stay hydrated on hot summer days. Tang prices in Pakistan vary depending on the size



You can easily buy Tang online in 8gm, 10gm or 50gm sachets, 340 gm or 500gm pouch, 720gm or 750gm jars and 2.3kg tin, whichever size fits your family or individual needs. The packaging is robust and the airtight containers help in easy storage of the powder. 

Tang Flavours & Ingredients

Tang drink is available in Mango, Lemon Pepper, Orange, Pineapple, Tropical Cocktail, Lemon Mint and Mosambi flavours. The most liked flavour in Pakistan is Orange and also widely sold. Tang includes healthy ingredients and nutrients like Vitamin C, A and B. There are around 100 calories in a glass of Tang drink made out of 1 tbsp of tang powder and a 16 FL. oz of water.

How to Make Tang

For the best taste, mix 2 tablespoons of Tang juice powder, sugar as per taste and a pinch of salt in a glass of cold water. If you want to make for the whole family, 11 tablespoons tang mixed with sugar and salt to taste in a jug of water makes enough for the entire family. Don't forget to add ice cubes to bring out the zest and flavour.

Tips & Comments

Store Tang containers in a cool and dry place and always make sure never to put a damp spoon or scoop into the powder. Though fruit-flavoured drinks like Tang are refreshing and delicious, they contain a lot of sugar which is not good for health. Diabetics and those with impaired insulin sensitivity or struggling with weight issues should either drink it in moderation or not drink at all. It is a healthy drink for kids and it is ok if they drink a glass of Tang everyday but make sure to give them more fruits and healthy foods.

Price List

Model Price
Tang Lemon & Pepper Jug Pack 125g Rs. 60
Tang Orange Tub, 750g Rs. 500
Tang Mango Jug Pack, 125g Rs. 60
Tang Orange Tub, 2.5 KG Rs. 1,500
Tang Mango Pouch, 375g Rs. 200
Tang Mango Tub, 750g Rs. 500
Tang Pineapple Pouch, 375g Rs. 200
Tang Orange Jug Pack, 125g Rs. 60
Tang Mango Juice 275 gram Rs. 295
BE Tang Lemon & Pepper 750GM Rs. 675
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