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The Lowest price of Tailor Scissors in Pakistan is Rs.199 and estimated average price is Rs.480.


These heavy-duty metallic tailor scissors are designed in 12 and 8 inches long with narrow long handles for firm grasp and support to cut with precision. The tailor scissor is sharp with 4 inches of blade placed together controlled by moving the handles clasping the hand together to easily cut fabrics that are both thin and thick in density.



The ultra-sharp tailor scissor is ideal for creating clothes through pattern making, cutting out silhouettes, used while sewing, quilting, patchwork cutting and any tailoring service. The strong and durable blades make it easy to quickly perform alterations on clothes, create hand made designs using your own sketches and designs for shirts and pants. It can be used by tailors and home designers looking to create a crafting and sewing station to make clothes for their family. Having a tailor scissor is an essential item to keep at home as it can be needed to repair clothes. It is also used in offices to perform important tasks of cutting heavyweight paper and cardboard.


The tailor scissor makes it easy to cut multiple layers of fabric at the same time that helps create precise lines and patterns repeated to create shirts, pants, jackets and dresses. It can also cut through Burlap, Leather, Jeans, Canvas, Denim, Paper, Light Cardboard and heavy quilts without straining the wrist or hands. The metal used to make these scissors is Stainless Steel that does not rust or decay for decades. Even after years of usage the tailor scissor does not rust or lose its original sharpness. 

Price List

Model Price
Trendy Tailor Scissor, 8" TD-339 Rs. 1,250
Dar Expo Tailor Scissors With Plastic Handles 8 I… Rs. 455
Best Tailor Scissors , Ladies and Mens Sewing Sci… Rs. 623
Scissors 10 inches - Tailor Scissor - Scissors Se… Rs. 284
Scissors 9 inches - Tailor Scissor - Scissors Set… Rs. 290
Super Singer Tailor Scissor (7-10 inch) Good Qual… Rs. 269
High Quality Professional Tailor Scissor - Home U… Rs. 349
Sewing Scissor 10 Inch + Free Tailor Cutter Rs. 297
Super Singer Tailor Scissor (7-10 inch) Good Qual… Rs. 239
Scissors 8 inches - Tailor Scissor - Scissors Set… Rs. 290
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