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Table Mats Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Table Mats in Pakistan is Rs.249 and estimated average price is Rs.839.


Table placemats and coasters are meant to enhance the look of your table setting. They are placed under the crockery and serving pieces to protect the table's surface from scratching and getting heat marks etc. The water proof variety prevents the table cloth from staining and eliminates the need to wash the cloth after every use. Check out table mats prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


You can buy table mats in all materials, designs, shapes, colors and sizes online from our website. The most common materials are wood, plastic, rubber, silicone, porcelain, bamboo and jute. It is good to invest in the waterproof variety so it is easy to wash and clean them. The other not so water resistant mats can be more of a hassle as it can be a real pain to wash each one of them while the waterproof can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth or wipe etc. 

For All Occasions

Table placemats are for every occasion and can be used in formal, informal, festive or casual settings if one feels like. They can add to the beauty of your table setting and are not confined to the dinning table only. Smaller mats can also be placed on center tables or side tables as a substitute to coasters for guests or family members to put glasses or tea cups on after drinking from them. This prevents the table surface from staining or being scratched. 

Table Mats & Runners

You can match the runner with mats and they can also be in the same material or fabric. While the table runner can be embroidered, printed, plain or worked with sequins and diamantes etc., it is better to avoid using embroidered mats as they can be really hard to wash.

Table Mats & Coasters

There is a wide variety of coasters with matching mats for tables online on our website. You can also buy them according to the occasion. For informal casual settings, place mats made out of wood or plastic with matching coasters work quite well and are easy to wash and dry. For more formal and festive occasions you can go for the ones with silver or dull gold metal accents and embellishments. They are used rarely and in sophisticated settings so cleaning them should not be a hassle. 

Tips & Comments

Look for the variety of table placemats that is water proof, anti skid or slip and heat resistant. For formal settings and an upscale feel, use neutral toned mats in luxurious looking materials and designs. Casual settings can be more fun as you can experiment with all types of colors and materials. There is also a handwoven variety that includes handwoven willow table mats. They add texture and look quite stylish. Use safe to use plastic mats for low maintenance and easy wipe and clean option. 

Price List

Model Price
Mazri Art Table Mat - Pink Rs. 249
Mazri Art Table Mat - Beige and Green Rs. 349
Mazri Art Table Mat - Blue & Green Colour Rs. 499
Mazri Art Table Mat - Beige (Pair) Rs. 349
Mazri Art Table Mat - Yellow & Skin Colour Rs. 499
Mazri Art Table Mat - Yellow & Green Colour Rs. 499
7 Pcs Table Runner with Table Mat set Rs. 1,499
45x160cm Kitchen and Drawer Liner Cabinet Pad Foa… Rs. 349
3pc Table Mat set Placemat & Table Linen | Squ… Rs. 550
Anti Slip Cusion Sheet PVC Waterproof Place Mat f… Rs. 1,295
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