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Boys and girls all like to wear graphic T-shirts with their favourite movie character, logo, quote, picture or scenery printed on it. The job is done through a printing machine that is easily available online. Depending on the fabric, the durability of the print is one of the major concerns that can be taken care of by purchasing the right machine and following the proper method. Check out T-shirt printing machine prices in Pakistan and read on for more related information.


T-Shirt Printing Business

These days young entrepreneurs are turning towards easy and profitable business opportunities. A T shirt printing machine is one such option that can earn you a lot of profit and give you great business if pursued wisely. Graphic t-shirts never go out of style and printing them only takes a couple of minutes and some ink. Also, even babies can wear them so the target market is quite huge. You can buy your own machine and start with custom t-shirt printing or bulk printing with trending styles and patterns. 

T-Shirt Printing Machine Types & Methods

There are four types of printing machines that are used by business these days such as sublimation,  inkjet, solvent and laser printers. If you want the best graphics, opt for the solvent printers as they are the best in the business. The only downside to them is the high price tag. T-shirts can be printed using multiple methods such as silkscreen printing/screen printing, direct to garment or DTG printing, dye sublimation, heat press printing, vinyl cutting etc. In Pakistan, screen printing and heat press are the two most popular methods. 

Durability & Versatility

In most cases, you can use the same printing machine to print caps, mugs, t-shirts, plates, cloth etc. There are also 5 in one Heat Press T-shirts Printing machines available online that are versatile and provide great results. 

Tips & Comments

It is important that you use the printing method that delivers the most durable and clean-cut results. Of all the T-shirt printing machines, DTG is the least durable as the print tends to fade over a year or so. Also, it cant be used over dark fabric as the thin used is thin that doesn't go well with darker colours. Screen printing is best for mass production of t-shirts and printing a single t-shirt is almost impossible for this type of printing machine. It is also not suitable for printing complex multi-colour designs. Dye sublimation delivers durable designs and is great for printing polyester shirts. Heat press printing is pretty common in Pakistan and is great for small orders of shirts. It is time-saving and economical to use. If you want to design sportswear t-shirts with slogans and small graphics then Vinyl cutting is for you. 

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