Sveston Watch Price in Pakistan

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The Lowest price of Sveston Watch in Pakistan is Rs.2,950 and estimated average price is Rs.4,706.


An accessible brand that has a lot of different styles inspired by the trendy watches of the time. Sveston has watches for men and women, with a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. The materials include stainless steel, ceramic and tungsten. There are also different kinds of straps one can choose from.


Sveston watches

The brand philosophy behind Sveston is to create stylish watches with good movements and make them affordable for more people. Sveston is a direct to customer brand, cutting out distributors and other such agents to save money on the actual cost. The watches are water-resistant with a rating of 3 ATM.

The designs are inspired by the French and the machines are Japanese, creating a good mix of style and quality. The designs emulate a lot of the commercially famous styles so that budget buyers have access to the latest and trendiest styles. The slightly higher-end options include materials such as tungsten and ceramic, but even these models are in an affordable range.

Unlike other brands Sveston has multiple colours for most of their models so customers can pick the specific one they like, this could be up to 14 different colours. Many models also have stones inset as well to add flair, these are not real stones of course.

One can find any kind of option they are looking for, chain straps, leather straps and even sporty looking watches. Depending on the model there is also a date reading so one can keep track of the days. The sports watches have a digital element to them so one can also make use of an alarm function or a timer. 

The finish range varies from brushed metal to a polished finish. The various styles have their own kind of finish with some that have a mix of both kinds of finish for different parts of the watch.


Sveston has options for men and women; there are also some watches that come in pairs for couples. 

If one wants to purchase a very affordable watch that looks nice too, Sveston is the choice.

Price List

Model Price
Sveston Margot SV-18038 - Stainless Steel Wrist W… Rs. 4,899
Sveston Lariox SV-18054 Stainless Steel Wrist Wat… Rs. 4,999
Sveston Zeta SV-19006 - Stainless Steel Wrist Wat… Rs. 4,999
Sveston NINJA SV-7415-2.0-M Stainless Steel Wrist… Rs. 5,499
SVESTON SPELL SV-11272 - Wrist Watch for Men Rs. 4,999
Sveston COEUR SV-18049 - Stainless Steel Wrist Wa… Rs. 4,999
Sveston Javelin SV-8213 Stainless Steel Wrist Wat… Rs. 4,999
Sveston Jennifer 18040 - Stainless Steel Wrist Wa… Rs. 4,899
Sveston-MODORO-2.0 SV-18056 - Wrist Watch for Men Rs. 4,999
Sveston Golfa SV-11110 Stainless Steel Wrist Watc… Rs. 3,999
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