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The Lowest price of Super Asia Washing Machines in Pakistan is Rs.15,931 and estimated average price is Rs.25,181.


A convenient machine to have in the house. Super Asia has an extremely wide range of washing machines, with just as much of a variation in the prices. Making models that are a lot more accessible at lower prices. Super Asia is a Pakistani brand so aftermarket services are easier to handle.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper price point

  • Wide range of washing machines

  • Powerful copper motor


  • Lower quality build


Super Asia

Super Asia is one of the most common locally made washing machines having been in the business since 1975. Super Asia is the first local brand that started manufacturing washing machines. After being at the top in the washing machine industry they started making full plastic body washing machines to help curb the dangers that come with a metal container that has water in it and is running on electricity; with fluctuations that could cause the circuits to short out.

The array available

In the washing machine category Super Asia has 45 different machines out of which a few are mostly sold out; a testament to their market position. Having a very wide range of prices so depending on your budget you can definitely find something that fits; allowing for a lot of people to have the convenience of a washing machine. Out of the 45, the sizes start with one mini machine that is literally for baby clothes to a huge one that can fit 15 kgs of clothes. So you have a lot of options aside from the prices too. Some are fully automatic you just put in your clothes and they come out washed and spun to remove larger parts of the water in them and are then easier to dry. Others wash and spin but need some manual monitoring and changing of compartments. The last type are the washers which don't have anything to spin out excess water from the wet clothes. These functions are also a matter of what price range one is able to afford, the more expensive ones being more automated and having more functions overall.

Internal build

Their machines are all equipped with a powerful copper motor which is better as it is a more conductive metal and can be built compact with lesser maintenance needs in comparisons to other metals. Also a more apt option due to the fact that it heats up less and doesn't expand as much. These copper motors can also handle power surges better because of their conductivity compared to some of the other machines that use aluminium or other metals. The only other common metal that has more free electrons than copper is silver but that isn't feasible and would also increase the chances of your washing machine getting swiped.

Top loaders Vs front loaders

Super Asia's catalogue has mostly top-loaders but some are front-loaders, while the debate still goes on more people agree the front-loading machines perform better over a longer time, use less water and are not as hard on the clothes as they touch the water in parts during the wash cycle. Front-loaders are also quite, a lot quieter than the top-loaders due to the position of the drum that the clothes spin about in.

A brand that is regularly making new advances and providing good services Super Asia has made and maintained a reliable name in the decades it has been around, especially in the washing machine market. Keeping in mind the average level of buying power in Pakistan and furnishing a variation of affordable options.

Price List

Model Price
Super Asia Smart Wash (SA-241) 7.5 kg Twin Tub Sh… Rs. 25,599
Super Asia SA-241 Smart Wash 7.5 kg Twin Tub Wash… Rs. 23,700
Super Asia Washing Machine SA708 APG Rs. 47,300
Super Asia Washing Machine SA6102AWM Rs. 57,000
Super Asia Washing Machine 8Kg SA255 Rs. 16,800
Super Asia Rapid Wash Top Load 8KG Washing Machin… Rs. 16,143
Super Asia Washing Machine 8Kg SAP320 Rs. 22,500
Super Asia Easy Spin Top Load 10KG Washing Machin… Rs. 15,931
Super Asia Washing Machine SA240 Shower Wash Crys… Rs. 20,000
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